Win your argument

1 day debating crash course in english

Debating is an essential part of life, be it in politics, business, or even your private life! 

Clarifying your thoughts and expressing your opinions eloquently, identifying the weaknesses in your opponent's arguments, and successfully convincing your audience, boss, or partner to support your views is what debating is all about.

Have you ever wished you knew how to win the argument? How to get your point across, win over your audience and beat the opposition? This is your opportunity!In this full-day workshop, You will learn the basic Do's and Don'ts of debating, participate in competitive debating formats, exercise your debating skills in everyday situations, practice and improve your ability to improvise and think on your feet, improve your overall public speaking skills, become more confident and have fun!Are you ready? Sign up today and learn how to debate and win the argument!

  • Debating basics - strategies for winning the argument
  • University style debates / competitive debating
  • Public speaking skills
  • Debating in meetings - strategies for the workplace
  • Negotiating skills and conflict resolution
  • Objection, your honor - strategies in court. Rules of cross examination

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